SHIPPING: Usually 4-6 yards of most fabrics can be shipped in a $10 pack approx (Our minimum) within the US. If there is a change in your shipping, we will inform you before we ship. We ship throughout Europe as well. UK shipping at GBP 8-10 per pack of 4-6 yards. Contact us for low shipping rates to France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Scotland, Italy and the rest of Europe – We ship throughout Europe. We have special shipping rates for Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Vienna and other destinations in Europe.

Estimated SHIPPING RATES for within the US:

1st 4-6 Yards : $10

5-10 Yards : $20

10-15 Yards : $30

15-25 Yards : $40

25-30 Yards : $50

21-24 Yards : $60

Note: These are estimated rates. Fabric weights vary & so may shipping due to that.We will inform you of any changes in the shipping before we ship.Any savings will be refunded to you & any additions we will request from you.

We are always negotiating with shipping vendors in an effort to reduce our shipping rates.
However, for wholesale orders above 50 yards, shipping rate slabs change & are much lower. Ask us for a custom shipping quote for a wholesale order anytime, by filling out our contact form.

Fabric Cuts: We try our best to ensure most fabric orders are fulfilled in one single running length, but sometimes we have to ship out the entire order in more than 1 piece.For example, a 5 yards order, could be sent as 3 + 2 yards. However, we mostly do not ship a length less than 2 yards in length. For example the same order above would not be shipped as 4+1 yards, but would be shipped out at least as a 3+2 yard piece. Where we need to ship an order with a 1 yard length to complete an order, we will first ask ask you, and then ship. In case a 1 yard length is not suitable to your requirements, do let us know at the time of ordering, that you would only prefer an entire uncut piece.In case it is available, we will ship it, or else we would be sure to let you know.

The return policy at

You can return the fabrics within 10 days of receipt for a refund or exchange. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-949-391-2737 between the hours of 8:00AM – 5:00PM CST or e-mail us at for Return & Refund instructions. Items must be repacked in original packaging with all accessories and a copy of your invoice/return form. Fabric quantities less than 10 yards in length cannot be returned for exchange or credit. When your return is received, we will issue a refund to your credit card/Paypal account for the purchase price.Please note that we will request you to accept the return shipping charges.