Patchwork madras is a preppy staple, and no fabric probably signifies preppy style, as much as patchwork madras fabric does, and it’s a great choice for shirts, shorts, pants, sport coats and jackets, totes, ties and more.

Patchwork madras is made by sewing together Indian madras plaid fabrics, into squares of 2 or 3 inches, which creates a myriad of plaid lines, criss-crossing, and creating an eclectic mix of colors.

Preppy clothing is best expressed by patchwork madras, and is an Ivy league staple, and is a must-have.
Patchwork Madras, also known as Patchwork Plaid, is made of cotton madras fabrics, all cut individually, and then sewn together to make a patchwork fabric, which has several plaids in it.
Since plaid fabric is, in itself, a preppy favorite, patchwork madras that has several madras plaids in it, is considered the real preppy fabric.

Classic children’s clothing and vintage menswear makes use of this fabric, and patchwork madras is also perfect for women’s clothing.
All patchwork madras fabric is made in India, where the base madras plaids are first woven on hand or power looms, and then these resultant plaids are hand-cut and sewn into patchwork, to make a final fabric that is a vibrant, colorful and generally, bright option for clothing, bags, pet clothing, neckwear and accessories.

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