Solid Cotton Fabric, or plain cotton fabric, in solid colors, is mostly woven cotton fabric available by the yard, in several solid / single colors like pink, white, blue and more.
Solid Cotton fabric is used for everything, from quilting, to clothing like shirts, dresses, tops, pants, as lining and borders on dresses, as table cloths and napkins, and for use as curtains and drapes, and for bags, totes and more.

Solid fabric is mostly paired with plaids, stripes, prints, or other solid colors, to make a complete dress, and makes any sewing project complete.

Our solid cotton fabrics, are available by the yard, and also available wholesale. Most of these fabrics are 44 inches wide, while some are in the vicinity of 58-60 inches width as well.
Most are 100% cotton, while some are blended fabrics too.
These can be twill solid cottons, or plain weave poplins.

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