Flannel Plaid Fabric, also known as Twill Madras or Twill plaid fabric is cotton madras fabric, woven in a diagonal twill weave, and sometimes brushed on one side, to give it a pile, or a flannel finish.

Flannel madras is a great choice for colder weather, mountain wear, Fall clothing and winter fashion, because of the brushed texture of the fabric, that makes it soft to the touch, and warm to wear.

Twill fabrics, with or without brushing on them, are perfect for clothing even in summer or warmer climate, but with brushing, the fabric is known as flannel, and is ideal for colder days.

Flannel fabric is perfect for handmade children’s clothing, belts, bowties, caps and hats, men’s jackets and coats, and this Twill plaid is also perfect for outdoor clothing, men’s shirts, pet clothing like dog bandanas and collars, bowties, flannel dresses, girl’s clothing for fall and winter, and for applique and monograms on clothing.

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