Bleeding Madras Fabric, or bleeding madras, made by weaving together yarns of several colors into plaid patterns, wherein the yarns are dyed using vegetable dyes that “bleed” over time, giving the fabric a vintage blend of colors, ideal for vintage shirts, menswear and classic clothing.

Bleeding Madras was discovered initially, when a consignment of shirts made for a buyer in New York in the 60s, started bleeding colors, and there was a risk of rejection. However, smartly, the entire fabric and shirts thereof, were marketed as a novelty product, which was advertised as “Guaranteed to Bleed”, and surprisingly, the idea was a hit, and soon bleeding madras became a much sought after article of clothing.

Of late, bleeding madras has not been in production, and today’s madras plaid fabrics are all color-fast, having been dyed with modern dyes.

Bleeding madras is now being made available by the yard, with more plaid patterns to come.
These are fabrics which have been woven using yarns, dyed with vegetable color, and which bleed slowly, wash upon wash.

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