Patchwork Plaid fabric for sewing shorts, retro dresses & skirts, classic children's clothing, dog bandanas & handmade bowties.

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Preppy Patchwork Plaid Fabric For Shorts & Dresses

Such a lovely fabric this one is. This is not just any patchwork plaid fabric, but is somewhat unique in many ways.
This patchwork fabric is made up of rather heavier / thicker madras plaids handsewn together into this beautiful symphony of a fabric.
Good for sewing men’s & boys shorts, pants, coats & jackets, caps & hats, retro styled dresses & skirts for women, classic children’s clothing, and being a thicker fabric, this one is even good for preppy cabin and home decor.

Patchwork madras fabric has always been the go-to fabric, when it’s something preppy you want to make .
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