Seersucker Fabric is woven of cotton yarn, in a puckered (crinkle) weave. This allows the fabric to ‘breathe’, keeping the wearer cool in summer. Seersucker is usually in plaid or stripes of two or more colors.
Seersucker striped fabric is great for coats, jackets, bowties, shirts and pants.

Seersucker is popular among menswear brands for men’s suits, preppy pants, ties and bowties, while also being used for children’s clothing, especially boy’s shorts, girl’s dresses and accessories. Perfect for preppy summer clothing.

Seersucker stripes are particularly popular as men’s jackets and coats, as well as bowties, and form an integral part of Southern style and fashion.

Seersucker is almost always made of cotton, though it’s not impossible to find some in a blend as well. Though, for it to be real seersucker, and for it to be the genuine article, it should be all cotton mostly.

The popularity of Seersucker doesn’t seem to fade away, ever since it gained popularity in the 60s and thereafter. Today, seersucker is as much in demand, as ever was.

Our latest seersucker fabric is available by the yard, and wholesale.

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