Lots of cottons in prints like florals, paisleys, kids prints, blocks, chikan work, applique (Ideal for quilting) surround me as i walk through the fabric hub markets of India on my visit there this month.
Whats exciting is that they are priced so cheap,and they are available just 1 yard onwards.

In India, cottons are the staple fabric, and can be found just about anywhere, even if its not the biggest fabric market you are standing in.
Its because the weather in India makes cotton the ideal fabric for just about anything from shirts to tops to beddings and furnishings.

Its a fabric that allows your skin to breathe unlike polyesters and acrylics which wrap you r skin like bubble packaging. In fact,India has so much cotton to offer that i hear form people in China that even the biggest textile mills there order their base cotton yarn from India at times,for both reasons-that its cheaper in India and that its better in India.

So,whats to stop you from getting yours the next time that quilting or crafts project comes to mind,or if its just the unexpected heat of California/NewYork you’re trying to escape.
Especially,since the fabric actually makes any garment look beautiful and that too at such as low cost.

So,go get some and if you dont know how,ask me and i’ll give you the source for some of the best cottons for your quitling or crafts or fashion/apparel project.A source that sells 1 yard onwards, is flexible about sending samples, lets you pay locally in your country and can offer some of the most enticing fabrics.

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