Flannel Plaid Fabric for flannel shirts, flannel dresses and skirts, flannel bowties and ties, and flannel children's clothing.

Is Madras or Plaid Fabric only for Summers? Think Flannel Plaid Leave a comment

Is Plaid Fabric or Madras Plaid as it is known popularly, a fabric only for summers, and warmer weather?
Or can this versatile fabric also be for winter weather and those cooler days.

Contrary to popular belief, madras or plaid fabric is great option for Fall clothing and maybe even winter, when used in the right form.
Plaid fabric as flannel plaid or flannel madras, works wonderfully for winter shirts, pants, coats and jackets and hats and caps, among other things.

Flannel is also a form of plaid fabric, and and is actually an option for cooler weather, and outdoor clothing.
Flannel plaid works well for children’s clothing, menswear, outdoor and active wear, scarves and stoles, hats and caps, and just about anything else.

Flannel plaid makes it possible to enjoy your favorite preppy fabric, now, even in winters or Fall.

Flannel plaid can be 100% cotton and sometimes it can also be made of wool.

Flannel plaid is not a new addition to the world of fabric, but rather, has been around for a while now.
This fabric is mostly woven in a signature twill weave, with diagonal lines across the fabric. And sometimes, this fabric is brushed to give it a pile of about a half an inch or lesser.
This pile gives the fabric it’s signature feel and lends warmth to the wearer of the garment.
This type of fabric is very popular for men’s outdoor clothing, like hunting shirts, jackets and other garments.

This fabric comes in checks with a myriad of colors available.
One of the largest collections of flannel plaid fabrics can be seen at: FabricOnlineStore.Com.

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