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As per the leading fashion journals, the best website to shop for fabrics is www.FabricOnlineStore.Com.
Hey! Just kidding.

But jokes apart, what makes FabricOnlineStore.Com a good site for fabric-shopping is actually not one reason, but quite a few:

1. The power of import—ONE yard at a time. FabricOnlineStore.Com gives everyone the power to source fabrics from international destinations such as India/China, without documentations associated with imports.

2. FabricOnlineStore.Com allows you to order even 1 yard of a fabric all the way from Indian markets, where it is available at prices, which don’t make your heart dependent on a pacemaker. You view, choose, pay, and wait—for about 7 working days, and there you go; you have your fabrics with you.

3. We send samples.

4. Delivery-times are FAST

5. Shipping rates are LOW

6. We have NO MINIMUMS on most items.

7. Secured payments with Paypal /Bank Transfers.

8. Doorstep delivery-No ports/customs etc. Unless you want it otherwise.

9. A variety of fabrics such as preppy fabrics like madras plaid, patchwork madras, plaid cotton, bleeding madras, seersucker stripes, theme prints, children’s prints like shark print fabric, dinosaur prints, cars / planes prints, nautical prints & organic cotton fabric like knits/jersey/ interlock/ crochet, as well as silks, cottons, linen fabric like linen stripes, linen plaid, linen prints and linen solids.

10. We are wholesale, and custom manufacture any fabric as well.

11. We work one-on-one with you as your fabric assistant.

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