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While mail-order fabric shopping offers extensive selection and shop-at-home convenience advantages, you’ll find buying fabric based on a small sample or a catalog photograph is a very different experience than browsing through aisles of bolts at a fabric store.

What ecommerce does is slightly different.

A good web-based fabrics site, can offer you the advantage of having a store on your desk, with a wide selection of fabrics to choose from.

Even better, if the store offers samples for free, as this allows you to get a first-hand feel of the fabric before buying huge amounts of it.Also, it helps if a site regularly updates its fabric’s collections so you get to see something new.

While buying small amounts of fabrics-up to 10 yards, the considerations of delivery-time and price kick in more than the actual feel of the fabric. Assuming you need the fabric fast.
And also because you can always do lots more with smaller amounts of fabrics, but there’s no chance you want to take with 50 yards of a fabric or more. Assuming here too, that you are a diehard fabric user.

So, always buy from a website that doesn’t hesitate sending fabric samples for FREE as this means they are comfortable in letting customers determine what they want and not just in pushing fabrics on them.

The word we love and hate-QUANTITY

Isn’t this the word you hear from most vendors who just want to know how much you’re buying before knowing what it is you want to buy?

If you’re looking for fabrics in bulk then this word is your weapon as this brings vendors to their knees just because they want to sell in bulk.

But if you’re a quilter, craftsperson, tailor, seamstress, fashion designer, or anyone who works with customers with deadlines equal to the time it takes to make a cup of coffee, your best bet could be a good fabrics website which allows you to choose, and pay for from among lots of fabrics real fast.

What is inherently irritating with the word-QUANTITIES is when vendors are not eager to know your needs as a customer but would rather keep harping upon how much you need.
Stay away from vendors like those. Back to articles

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