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These alternatives to the real thing are a fashion necessity today and the preferred choice of many.

Fur-lovers are going in for the humane choice: fake furs as beautiful as the animals that inspire them.

How to Choose Faux Fur Fabrics

Depending on what look you desire, you can determine whether you prefer a long-pile fur such as fox or Mongolian lamb, or shorter ones such as chinchilla, sheared beaver or leopard.
The rule of thumb is to choose a fake fur similar to your hair color.

Purchase the yardage suggested for a with-nap layout. If you’re planning to alter patterns

Though most faux furs require dry cleaning, some may be laundered by machine, usually using cold water/gentle wash and no-heat/fluff dry settings. If the chosen fur can be laundered, choose a lining, shoulder pads, etc. with the same care requirements.

Store faux fur on a tube until you’re ready to use it. Folding may cause permanent creases.

Handling Tips for faux furs:

Lay out the fabric in a single layer with the knit backing face up. Position the pattern pieces so the nap runs downwards (the fur feels smooth this way when you run your hand down the garment piece)

To cut, use a sharp single-edge razor or a craft knife to slice through the backing only, pulling the fabric apart (1). Sharp shears also will work; use just the tips, and cut through the backing only.

The loose strands of fur flying about can get you sneezing, so make sure to vacuum throrughly.

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