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Indians have known weaving of material from cotton since 5000 years. The traditional Indian cotton fabric weaving revolves around ‘Khadi’. Khadi is a fabric/cloth woven by hand using handspun yarn only. Fine cotton fabrics are also referred as Muslin. India has been famous for its ultra fine Muslins in the past. As handspun yarn is used in making Khadi fabric, this activity is mainly carried out in the rural areas of the country.

Cotton fabric weaving is the heart and soul of Indian fabrics & textiles. There are 23 different varieties of cotton fabric found in India and there are about 4 million handlooms producing cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is used in producing a wide range of items like: sari, bed sheets, covers, napkins, shirts, summer wear, tablemats etc.

Cotton fabric is very popular in a tropical country like India, because of the soft twist imparted by the hand, maintains the hairiness of the yarn to an extent, which gives maximum comfort. Handlooms produce Khadi weave cotton in such a way that the interlacing of threads provides maximum passage of air to the body, thus creating a cooling effect, making Khadi fabric an ideal summer wear.

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