Fall fashion / winter fashion, with winter fabrics like flannel plaid, tartan and flannel madras, for flannel shirts, jackets & coats, and caps.

Fall is nearly here, which means Fall Fashion and Winter Fabrics too Leave a comment

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Fall season is nearly here, which means Winter isn’t too far away either, and both are signals that we need our fall clothing out of our closets.

Fall fashion barely stays, and winters take over.
We too, didn’t want to stay far behind, and so we at FabricOnlineStore.Com, have already stocked up on our Fall and Winter Fabric collections, which are soon to be seen online at the store.

This time round, we have some lovely Fall and winter madras plaid fabrics available. Now, you might say that Madras is a summer fabric, and you might be right too.
But, Madras, or at least the same plaid patterns have been turned into beautiful brushed twills , tartan plaids and thicker weaves, which are actually not so summer, after all.

In fact, these madras plaids are perfect for winter shirts, dresses, gowns, tops, ties and bowties, and even jackets & coats, not to mention for outdoor apparel and caps.
Flannel madras is actually a staple for hunting, fishing and outdoor clothing, because of it’s brushed soft texture, which is warm, and comfortable at the same time.
It is also a flexible fabric, and not too rigid, making it great for outdoor apparel.

Our Winter fabrics have just too many plaids available, plus some stripes, prints, dobbies and herringbone too.
These fabrics are in the usual 44 inch width and some are wide goods too, at 58 or 60 inches width.
Most of these Fall fabrics are all cotton, with a few being a blend of cotton and rayon or polyester.

They have a look of wool, a feel of wool (without the itchiness), and are just too soft and cuddle-worthy to miss.

So, if this Winter / Fall season, you plan on sewing some winter goodies, then Flannel plaids or flannel madras might be the thing for you to sew with, and create some sewing waves.

Do look for some guidance on how to sew with these fabrics, which are softer, much like knits, though not as hard to sew with. They are pretty much the same to work with, with a few minor adjustments to your crafting skills.
Have fun, and here’s to more Winter Fabrics, coming soon.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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