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What makes Handmade so popular?

Handmade – its the new trend that has taken the world by storm, be it clothing, fashion accessories, dolls and toys, pet clothing and supplies or furniture, handmade goods are the next thing, both online and offline.
The handmade movement has proven to be a major liberator for small and home-based creators, by providing even that SAHM or WAHM, the same chances at succeeding in building a viable business, connecting with buyers worldwide, accepting payments online, selling their creations online, and promoting their business beyond their next local fair / market.

The handmade movement has gained such traction, that even the likes of ebay and Amazon have entire categories devoted to handmade products. The first major site that triggered the handmade revolution, was Etsy, which was a boon to creators, who otherwise would not venture into making their own online store, given the complications involved. Etsy gave makers a way of simply signing up, paying listing fees, adding photos of their products, alongwith descriptions, and simply waiting for sales to be made.
This made it easier for those with limited or no knowledge of online sales, to work with buyers worldwide, and across their countries, and simply focus on what they do best – make their items and talk about them.

What all can be handmade?

Handmade goods include a broad range of items, like children’s clothing (both boys and girls), baby items, cribs, home furniture, decorative pieces in glass, wood, fiber, plastics, stone, clay etc, and neckwear, fashion accessories, drapes and curtains, bedspreads and sheets, pillow cases, jewellery, eyewear, paper crafts, invitations, candles, lamps and lighting, paintings and art, and the list is endless.

Why Handmade & what makes it special?

Handmade items are unique in many ways, as compared to mass manufactured, factory made goods.
Handmade products are all about the creativity and skill of the maker, that goes into each item.
Each Handmade product is unique, and different from another, and has its own unique characteristics, anomalies and specialties.
Handmade products are made of love, in the form of the hard work by the makers’s own hands and heart.
Handmade goods can be customised almost entirely, and that’s what makes them individual.
Handmade goods are limited runs, and one can be assured that these will not be available in mass, and would lend some uniqueness to the user.

What things are best handmade?

Most Handmade products are unique in their own way, but nothing is better handmade, than clothing, being a tailored item.
Clothing like children’s apparel such as boy’s shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, neckwear and girl’s dresses, skirts, tops and all are best handmade.
Additionally, pet supplies like dog shirts, dog jackets, dog collars and harnesses, bandanas and dog bedding are popular among handmade makers.
Menswear items like shirts, shorts, pants, coats, ties and bowties and pocket squares are also an item that are best when handmade.

Handmade is a revolution that is here to stay, and may, in times to come, even give large mass-manufactured products a run for their money.

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