Madras Plaid - the fabric with many uses

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Madras plaid fabric in vintage colors   Madras plaid fabric in vintage colors   

Madras Plaid – the fabric that does it all – literally.
One of the fabrics that is very versatile in its uses, Madras plaid, can be used for literally just about anything.
Some people assume madras plaid to be a fabric only for use as shirting fabric, but that would be very untrue.

Today, Madras Plaid is being used by several shirtmakers, yes. But, that is just one of the uses of the fabric.
Madras is great for menswear like men’s suits, sport coats or jackets, ties and bowties, pocket squares, pants and shorts, while at the same time being a great choice for women’s clothing like skirts, shorts, tops, jackets, and pants.
And, rarely would a fabric be a great choice for menswear and ladies apparel, and yet be one of the best options for children’s apparel. Madras plaid is widely used for some of the best children’s garments like boy’s shirt, ties, bowties, and shorts, as well as girl’s clothing like skirts, dresses, pyjamas, shorts, and bows.

Additionally, madras plaid is one of the preferred fabrics for accessories, and several handmade items like handmade bowties, handmade headbands, handmade handbags, purses and clutches, handmade key fobs, handmade clothing, and anything else that can be sewn and made into accessories.

Madras is also a suitable fabric for home decor such as drapery, sofas, table cloths and table linen, napkins and mats, plaid cushions and pillow cases, bed sheets and bed spreads, duvet covers, and also for children’s rooms and bedding.

Finally, quilting and quilt makers find Madras plaid to be a very apt fabric for quilting projects, and lots of patchwork quilting makes use of plaids as part of their design. Quilts are sometimes sewn using only madras plaid, and some quilts are made using madras in combination with prints and stripes. Quilting is a popular hobby and art form, and madras fits in well with it,

Such a versatile fabric, that probably works for just about every fabric craft project or sewing project, and serves the needs of fashion enthusiasts as much as that of home decor professionals.

No wonder then, that madras plaid has been around for decades as a staple ingredient of preppy style and fashion, as it has something for everyone.

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