Theme print fabric, printed cotton with theme print of animals, flowers, christmas theme, nautical prints

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Theme print fabric, printed cotton with theme print of animals, flowers, christmas theme, nautical prints
Theme print fabric – theme print – animal print fabric – fruit print

Theme Print Fabrics – how to use them right.

Well, what are theme print fabrics firstly?
A theme fabric would be a fabric that has a print of some particular “theme” such as one related to ocean / nautical / marine creatures or boats and sails, or about something entirely different such as animals – dinosaurs, tigers, cats or zebra.
In essence, theme fabrics are about some themes or particular subjects.
Theme print fabrics can be printed onto just about anything like a cotton base fabric, or a rayon, or a knit jersey.

But, the important thing is that the print needs to be about a “theme”.

Theme print fabrics come in all types of themes such as animal prints like dinosaurs, tigers, giraffe, zebras etc, as well as marine or nautical themes including boats, sails, anchors, ships, ship wheel prints, sharks, fish, crabs, lobsters, marine compass themes etc.
Other theme prints include sport fabrics, like baseball fabric, football and soccer print fabric, skating, boxing, and sport fabrics, and Hawaiian prints.
Some theme fabrics are about buildings and architecture, some are car and bike themes, some themes rotate around Christmas, and include reindeer, Santa, Christmas tree prints, holly and Christmas decorations.
Then there are fabrics with Americana themes, country or state flags and patriotism in general.
Tribal print fabrics, and African print fabrics are another theme for dress fabrics.
Party theme fabrics for children, include pinatas, streamers, gifts and toys.

So, just about any subject can be printed to make a theme print fabric.

Just how are theme fabrics used in fashion and clothing?
Actually, theme fabrics are big, when it comes to children’s clothing and apparel, as well as things like sewing and craft projects, especially handmade crafts and clothing are big on these prints.
Theme prints are an ideal fit for children’s apparel, like shirts, shorts, ties and bowties, skirts and dresses, because children love themes like animal prints, sharks and dinosaurs, and these fabrics provide the entire design element for such clothing, leaving little requirement for too much designing, and hence, are easier for kids clothing.
Plus, children love these prints of animals or baseball or boats.
In fact, a lot of the larger children’s clothing labels actually get their own theme designs drawn up, and printed exclusively for themselves, as a proprietary pattern.

Even menswear makes use of theme fabrics, which come handy for men’s beach shirts, resort wear, shorts, as well as for sport shirts, ties and bowties.

Another set of products for which theme fabrics are great, are usually handmade accessories, such as handmade handbags, school bags, tote bags, headbands and hairbands, bracelets and key fobs, and other items like clutches, purses, pet clothing like dog jackets and shirts, dog bandanas, dog bedding, as well as for table cloths, napkins, bedding, bed sheets, drapery and curtains, and more.

Theme fabrics are also just great for children’s room decor, drapery and curtains, bedding, pillow cases, sheets and table ware.

For any kinds of sewing and craft projects, especially sewing for kids, theme print fabrics are very apt.
Theme fabrics are a favorite among seamstresses and sewing enthusiasts, and rightly so –  these are fabrics with an endless line of different print designs, and can be so much fun to sew.

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