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Making Apparel / Clothing from Madras Patch Fabric
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Making Apparel / Clothing from Madras Patch Fabric

Madras patch fabric is a lightweight fabric with patterned texture that is made of cotton. If you’re looking for a fabric to make some lightweight summer clothes out of then you might want to consider trying madras patch fabric. Madras patch fabric is perfect for making clothing like shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, and jackets. Because of the color patterns used in madras fabrics, you can achieve a variety of looks with the clothing you make while keeping yourself cool on hot days with the lightweight cotton. You aren’t just restricted to making these clothes either. Madras patch fabrics have been used to make neckties, scarves, belts, and bandanas as well.

Madras fabrics have been offering people a way to keep cool and dress in style for many years. Because the material is made of cotton, it is easy to work with and less expensive than many other lightweight materials like silk. If you decide that you want to make some clothing out of madras patch fabrics, then I have a few tips for you that will give you an enjoyable experience.

First, be flexible. If you’re going to use madras patch fabrics then you want the outcome to be a little eclectic. Go to your local fabric store and find the section that they keep madras fabric in. Once you’ve found the madras fabric you’ll know what kind of a selection you have to choose from. Find patterns and colors that you like together. You might prefer to buy several patterns of the same shade of red; you might decide to pick up the same pattern in several different colors; or you might want to pick up several pieces of madras fabric that have the same pattern but with different shades of a color. You could even pick up madras patch fabrics of all different patterns and colors. It’s completely up to you.

Next, take your madras fabrics home and cut them up. Normally you would cut the madras patch fabrics into squares, but you should feel free to do as you wish. If you want to cut a piece of madras patch fabric into star shapes, then you can incorporate this piece of star-shaped madras patch fabric into a pair of shorts or a shirt.

Now that you have the madras patch fabrics cut up, you can begin to patch them together to make the clothes that you want. While you’re using the madras patch fabric to make your clothes, consider the different kinds of looks that you can achieve by turning the patterns on the madras patch fabrics in different directions. By turning some of the madras patch fabrics sideways or tilting the madras patch fabrics at other angels, you can get a visually interesting look in your clothes.

You’re probably teeming with ideas of the projects you can undergo with madras patch fabrics. Don’t be afraid to experiment with madras patch fabrics of various patterns and colors. Remember to be flexible and to have fun as you make your own clothes out of madras patch fabrics.

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