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Quilting fabric and Cotton Prints Offer Diversity
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Quilting fabric and Cotton Prints Offer Diversity

Cotton fabrics are used to make many different types of items. We use them to make clothes, curtains, bed sheets and pillow case, virtually anything that you want to be warm and comfortable can be made out of cotton. It would be boring if we only had the option of using cotton fabrics that were dyed one uniform color. To avoid that uniformity you can use cotton print fabrics with patterns and pictures on them.
There’s no end to the diversity that one can get from cotton print fabrics. There’s a good chance that the sheets you put on your child’s bed are made from cotton print fabrics. If they have pictures of his or her favorite cartoon characters on them, and they’re made out of cotton, then that’s a cotton print fabric.

But what use do you have for cotton print fabrics? Sure, your kids like them because they are decorated with Dora the Explorer and Blues Clues, but what could you do with fabrics with pictures on them?

There are actually a lot of things that adults can do with cotton print fabrics. Not all of the cotton print fabrics are of cartoon characters. You can find a cotton print fabric with subtle designs that might be perfect for your bedroom. Find a fabric that has a repeating pattern of small flowers on it and match the color of the flower to the others in your room. This will be more visually interesting than just having a bed sheet that is one solid color. You can also use a cotton print fabric to make a pillow for your living room couch. Pick a print that compliments the decorating scheme in the room and you know that it will look good, and you also know that it will be soft because it’s made of 100% cotton.

If you like making novelty items or clothes for holidays, then you should browse the cotton fabric patterns available at retail stores in your area and at online websites that sell cotton print fabrics. You can find a cotton print fabric with Biblical scenes that you might want to use to make decorations around Christmas and Easter. For Halloween you could make t-shirts with ghosts on them. Valentine’s Day is always a popular time for novelty clothes. Buy a cotton print fabric with hearts of many different shapes, sizes, and colors to make a festive shirt that you can wear to work.

With cotton print fabrics, there’s really no end to the amount of things that you can make. They will be more fun than plain colors. Be creative when you’re coming up with the types of things you can make that will have added style from the pictures on the fabric. You will get plenty of attention when you walk around wearing a one-of-a-kind St Patrick’s Day shirt that you made yourself. Open up your imagination and let it run wild. By browsing through the cotton print fabrics at a store, you never know what you will come up with next.

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