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Fun Plaid Fabric For Children’s Clothing & Preppy Fashion

A lovely combination of colors, that are so much fun..peach, pink, lilac, yellow, blue, green…what else could you ask for.
This 100% cotton fabric, is a twill weave, with lovely lively colors, that makes it come alive, when sewn into something. 58 inches wide, and ready for all-season sewing.

Good for sewing pants, shirts, coats, jackets, caps, bowties, dog bandanas and dog shirts, fun children’s clothing, retro and pinup dresses and skirts, beach and resort wear, as well as for sewing accessories like bags & totes, as well as cushion covers and upholstery too, due to it’s heavier weight as compared to most other plaid fabrics.

Available retail and wholesale, this fabric is ready for all-season sewing, and is good for clothing for everyone from men, to women, to children.
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