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Plaid Fabric – A Versatile Fabric Leave a comment

Plaid Fabric is one of the most versatile fabrics.

Made of different materials: Plaid fabric can be made of cotton, where it is best for summer clothing, men’s shirts, children’s clothing and summer dresses. This includes gingham plaid dresses.

Made for all seasons: Plaid fabric, when woven in cotton, is best for summer clothing like shirts and dresses, and when woven in wool and polyesters, works equally well for Fall and winters.

Made for all purposes : Plaid Fabric is as good for men’s shirts and jackets, as is for ties and bowties, and dresses and skirts. Plaid fabric is also perfect for classic children’s clothing, pet clothing like dog jackets, dog bowties, dog shirts and collars and pet beds.
Plaid fabric is one of the fabrics of choice for handmade articles like totes and handbags, belts, scarves, clutches, bracelets and other accessories.

Made in all widths and weights: Plaid fabrics are one of the only fabrics, that can be woven in any widths, as well as weights, and still serve their purpose well. Plaid fabrics are available in ultra-light weights, as well as the heaviest of weights.

Plaid fabrics are available as Madras Plaids, that are usually larger sized plaid patterns woven in cotton, and are perfect for preppy clothing and accessories. Plaid fabrics are also available as simply plaid or checks, that are usually smaller sized patterns, such as gingham checks, tattersall, window plaids and micro checks.

One of the most versatile fabrics, plaid fabrics are a great option, when preppy is a must.

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