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Quilting trade show quilting trade fair

QUILTING is a fine industry, hobby and art, all rolled into one.
Actually, quilting is a very interesting process, and some enthusiasts have made it a vibrant industry, and quilts are now viewed almost as artwork, alongwith being of utility.

Quilts are now made in all designs, motifs, prints, geometric patterns, using all types of fabrics, mainly cottons, specifically cotton prints.

Cotton printed fabrics are ideal for quilting, since cotton is the most comfortable to the skin, and is best for quilts that way. Lots of quilts actually combine several printed cotton fabrics together, as a patchwork of various designs, and are a way of showcasing several different fabric combinations.
A lot of quilts are theme based too, which actually tell a story or center around a theme, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or other festivals, events or stories.

Quilting has gained such popularity, that there are huge events, trade shows, exhibitions and programs dedicated to quilting, and these shows are a haven for quilting enthusiasts, seamstresses, sewing and craft groups, fabric suppliers, stitching and sewing equipment suppliers, quilting guides, designers, as well as for the general public who loves quilting fabric.

Cotton print fabrics are one of the favorites for quilters, for the reason that cotton printed fabrics come in a myriad of themes such as animal prints, sports and toy themes, camouflage prints, children prints, cartoon and animation prints, Christmas theme prints, outdoor prints, airplane prints, car theme prints, maritime and sea prints, just to name a few.
This wide and virtually unlimited variety of themes makes cotton printed fabric one of the best fabrics for quilting and a fabric of choice for quilters.
Quilting fabric is one of the most versatile fabrics, which also doubles up as apparel fabric, since the same prints can be easily applied to clothing.
Overall, quilting  fabric is a huge industry, and also an art form, and as such the canvas is left to the imagination of the artist.
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