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Cotton print fabrics, in various theme prints such as maritime prints, marine themes, animal prints, turtle print, shark print, dinosaur print, sport and toy theme print fabric, airplane theme fabric, christmas theme fabric, anchor theme, cars bikes and tractor theme fabric, dolphin theme fabrics and more such printed fabric in cotton.

Theme print fabrics are ideal for children’s clothing, as crib fabric, bedding and tableware, drapery fabric, kids room fabrics, children’s apparel such as boys shirts, boys shorts and pyjamas, boys ties and bowties, as well as for pet clothing, pet ties and bowties, dog jackets and shirts, dog bedding, as well as menswear such as mens ties and bowties, men’s shirts.

Our cotton print fabrics are mostly on a base fabric of cotton poplin, or cotton twill, cotton chambray, and some are on canvas or oxford.

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