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Handmade Organic cotton Goodies, By BUD for

Handmade items such as handmade bags, handmade clothing, handmade dolls, handmade sleepwear, handmade bedding, and just about anything handmade, is best when made with Organic cotton fabrics, as opposed to regular conventional cotton.

Handmade things like shirts, tops, pyjamas, towels, sleepwear, diapers, burp cloths, swaddles, bags,quilts, bedding can be made equally well with conventional cotton, however, these are things that are used regularly, or closest to one’s body and skin usually, and so their impact is the most on us.

Using organic cotton to make handmade things, reduces the harsh impact of the harmful substances that are a part of cotton manufacturing in general.

Buying handmade is a good idea from several angles:

1) Buying handmade promotes creativity and imagination.

2) Buying handmade keeps people busy and employed, and also creates jobs for our economy.

3) Buying handmade keeps traditions alive.

4) Buying handmade saves a lot of money.

5) Buying handmade ensures that you get unique items, and not mass produced items.

6) Buying handmade keeps large corporations in check.

Buying handmade is good, as you can see, and buying handmade organic goods is even better, because it offers the additional benefit of getting clean products, that are gentle on you, and the planet.

With the emergence of printed organic cottons, and vibrant stripes, plaids and solid colors, there is no reason to use conventional cotton anymore. Its time to eliminate this most polluting crop from our use chain.

Handmade is the way to go if you seek unique clothing and accessories, and handmade can be bought from several manufacturers, on sites like ETSY, that specialise in handmade clothing and other items.

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