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Madras plaid fabrics are mostly for summers, yes – granted.

But they are not only limited to summers alone. The same madras fabrics are available in wool, instead of cotton as well as brushed cotton plaids. These are ideal for colder weather, hunting apparel, outdoor apparel and for winters.

Madras plaids are traditionally associated only with cotton and as summer wear, but now plaids are increasingly being used for men’s shirts, pants, jackets and ties, in fabrics other than cotton, though these cannot be called “Madras” as such, but instead would be referred to as plaids.

Whatever the name may be, the same preppy look can be enjoyed in colder weather as well, and need not be limited to summers alone, using wool plaids, and brushed cotton flannel plaid fabrics.
A large collection of flannel madras plaids are also available at :

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