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Organic cotton Towel – plant dyed pink, By BUD for

Organic cotton towels are the right choice when it comes to choosing bath towels for your family and yourself. Organic towels dyed only with extracts of fruits and vegetables are an even better choice to make.
Here we describe each of the organic cotton towels, and their specific benefit to the user, as derived from the herbs/fruits used to dye the towels.

Towel AT-TWL-01 : Organic cotton towel in pink color.This Organic cotton towel in pink color, is dyed and processed only with extracts if fruits, vegetables and herbs, ABSOLUTELY NO CHEMICALS whatsoever.

This pink organic towel is dyed using herbs like Madder wood and natural Ash.

Madder lends a reddish hue to the fabric, and has several therapeutic / medicinal benefits, like helping with the swelling of the spleen, and for treating skin discolorations.
This is an Organic cotton towel certified to GOTS organic standards.

The extracts from these natural substances are processed in a manner that the only waste from their processes is organic material, which is then used locally as organic fertilizer for farms. So, nothing goes to waste – Mother Nature’s golden rule.

Available in sizes such as Bath, hand, face and Bath sheet (Super -large) Spa / Beach sizes.
Luxuriously plush thickness and highly absorbent.

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