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Madras Skirt, Madras shorts & Preppy clothing
By BUD for Basil Leaf Clothing, by Atlantis Madras

A Madras skirt shouts preppy aloud, as do other madras clothing, like madras patchwork shirts, shorts, tops, dresses, halters, and just about anything made out of those plaids. Atlantis just launched its Basil Leaf line of preppy clothing, and it offers Madras skirts, plaid skirts, patchwork madras skirts, top, shirts and more. All the clothing is made from cotton madras plaid or madras patchwork plaid fabrics. The new collection includes 4 new items currently:

Madras Skirt in patchwork 1) Madras skirt – knee length: This is a 100% cotton madras patchwork plaid skirt in knee length.The patchworks are diagonally aligned to spice up the preppy look, much like argyles. Side zipper and hook for wearing the garment.1 pockets on each side, in round cut. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

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