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Natural Dyed Organic cotton fabric By BUD for

The future of sustainable fashion, green fashion and eco friendly clothing & Apparel, it seems would move towards not just using Organic cotton and eco friendly fibers to make our clothing, but also towards using organic cotton and green fabrics that are dyed, processed and printed, using only Natural dyes extracted from plants, herbs and natural minerals.And all this, as per GOTS. The waste substances generated from the manufacturing of such textiles, is also organic in nature, and not a concoction of chemicals.

Presently, about 90-95% of the sustainable, green, organic and eco friendly fabrics/clothing out there, are processed, dyed and printed using LOW-IMPACT synthetic substances approved as per GOTS or other organic standards. This basically means, that the amount of synthetic substances used is within permissible limits, and the substances (dyes/inks etc.) used are also free from any harmful compounds, carcinogens, and other harmful chemicals.

A new way of looking at this is to completely eliminate the use of any synthetic substances altogether, while manufacturing our textiles/fabrics.

Our new line of Organic cotton fabrics are just that.

So, while all other organic cottons on the market are dyed/printed using low-impact chemicals (as per GOTS), this new line is dyed/printed using only Natural dyes made from herb & natural mineral extracts, meaning just one thing – ZERO IMPACT on the environment, humans, soil, plants and animals.

Some of the natural herbs/plants and minerals used in making our natural dyes are: Indigo, Madder, Haritaki , Cutch or Cutechu, Turmeric, Onion and Pomegranate.

The extracts from these natural substances are processed in a manner that the only waste from their processes is organic material, which is then used locally as organic fertilizer for farms. So, nothing goes to waste – Mother Nature’s golden rule.

This new range of Naturally dyed Organic cottons includes knits like jersey, interlock, fleece, rib and terry, plus wovens like corduroy, flannel, canvas, plain weaves, twill and sateen.Some colors in these are indigo blue, maroon-red, orange, soft pink, olive green, deep & light brown, black, charcoal, white and some more.

These colors are attained only by using dyes extracted from plants/herbs and natural minerals. Fabrics dyed with these, are really organic.

Atlantis natural dyed Organic cotton collection can be seen through swatches, and would soon be online at our online store.

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