patchwork madras plaid fabric in preppy kelly green, black, yellow and red colors

Lovely new patchwork madras – summer prep is here Leave a comment

Our lovely new patchwork madras fabrics are coming in…summer preppy at its best, is almost here.
The new patchwork madras fabrics are in light pastel colors of summer, and will scream preppy at its best.
We have colorways of pinks, pastel greens, vintage soft tones, and preppy shades, which will be perfect for bright preppy headbands, accessories, bowties, ties, bags and in addition, there would be vintage colorways, of muted browns, fawn, lilac, and others suited for vintage prep dresses, madras shirts, sportcoats, ties and anything that brings back memories of the 60s preppy classic clothing, made famous by the likes of Kennedy and the Ivy League set.
These patchwork madras plaid would be in patch sizes of 3 inches, 2 inches and some even smaller.
The smaller patch plaids are perfect for ties, shorts and pocket squares, caps and hats, and children’s garments.
The larger patchwork plaid would be perfect for shirts, pants, skirts, crib and bedding for children, as well as sportcoats, mens clothing, and ladies apparel.

Overall, the entire collection would be paradise for preppy lovers, and for madras enthusiasts.

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