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Preppy fashion comes from the clothing that is popular at prep schools. While many people will say that the look peaked in the 1980s, it’s still a common style choice for many people because it is simple and elegant. One of the great things about keeping a wardrobe of preppy clothing is that you don’t have to have lots of articles of clothes in order to look good wherever you go.

We’re all familiar with the traditional preppy look. The polo shirts and khaki pants have become ubiquitous in our schools, malls, and parks. The things that makes khaki fashion so persistent in our country is that it is extremely versatile. Wearing preppy clothes isn’t a single fashion statement that excludes other looks. Instead, it’s an overall aesthetic that can be easily mixed with other types of clothes. For instance, while denim jeans were once a big no-no in these fashion circles, today they have been absorbed into the look with the help of stores like Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap, and American Eagle. Mixing a pair of blue jeans with a polo shirt is common today, whereas a couple of decades ago, most wearer’s of this fashion wouldn’t have considered walking out of the house wearing denim.

The preppy style is also a comfortable style. The fashion isn’t dependent on stuffy, stiff suits and ties, although pieces of this more formal attire can definitely be used with the more laid back styles of this fashion. The key is not just to look good and remain comfortable, instead, the key is to remember that one of these aspects of the fashion isn’t more important than the other. Looking good and being comfortable work together harmoniously so that it’s possible for one to wear a pair of fitted pants from a suit with a knit polo shirt. Or it’s possible to wear a pair of blue jeans with an Oxford shirt and tie. Throwing on a sports coat doesn’t make you look or feel stuffy within the preppy fashion world because it can be assimilated in such a way that the rest of the outfit balances it out.

This easy assimilation also means that you can keep fewer clothes in your closet but still give off the appearance of having a large wardrobe. The clothes can be mixed without much concern. This fashion has made it possible to wear combinations of clothing that might have seemed silly before. Denim and dress shirts isn’t the only example of this. Consider that someone can also just as easily wear a pair of cargo pants and a polo shirt, or even a pair of shorts and a button-up shirt.
This fashion’s versatility has helped turn it from a fad into a fashion. Because it easily adopts other types of clothing and then adapts it into the overall fashion aesthetic, there is little reason to believe that the clothing style will disappear any time soon. By keeping a few articles of preppy style clothes in your wardrobe, you can have a relaxed yet elegant look at any time.

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