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Preppy Madras Fabric & making accessories with it
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Preppy madras fabric is a lightweight cotton fabric that is easily recognized by its colorful stripes. The fabric is primarily used for making clothing such as shorts and short-sleeved shirts. It’s an excellent summer fabric that lets the skin breathe, keeping the wearer cool. Preppy madras fabric can be used to make other cloth items than just shorts and shirts, though. Innovative designers have used preppy madras fabric to make a variety of fashionable items such as belts, tote bags, and even checkbook covers. While these preppy madras items aren’t traditional in the sense that a leather belt is, they do offer people fun and attractive options for their accessories.

You can make many of the preppy madras items yourself. Buying them from retailers can sometimes be expensive, so making them from preppy madras fabric is an easy way to save money. Most of the preppy madras items aren’t difficult to make. The projects can be completed by anyone thats familiar with basic sewing.

In order to make a preppy madras belt, you will first need to get a length of preppy madras fabric that is long enough to wrap around your waist. Measure your waist and add five inches. Cut a piece of preppy madras fabric that is this length. Belts are typically 1 ¼ inches wide. Youll want to make sure that your belt is as sturdy as you can make it, so cut the fabric so that its about 3 ¾ inches wide. Fold the preppy madras fabric three times. Preppy madras fabric isn’t thick, so you should be able to do this without giving it a bulky appearance. Sew the edges of the preppy madras fabric so that it is one distinct piece.

Now you’ll want to make a loop so that you can keep the end of the belt close to your body when youre searing it. Youll want to sew it about three inches from the left end of the belt. This might seem a little far, but youll be looping the end of the belt later to attach the buckle. Make the loop 1.5 times the width of the belt. Wrap it around the belt and sew each end to the back of the belt.

Now youll want to attach the buckle to the belt. There are several types of buckles that you can use. Because the belt is made of preppy madras fabric, you might want to use a buckle that clenches the belt together rather than one that uses holes in the fabric. Over time the holes can become worn and the preppy madras fabric might fray. Loop the left end of the fabric through the belt buckle and sew it together so that the buckle is held on securely.

Now you have your own preppy madras belt. There are other items that you can make from preppy madras fabric. You might want to try making tote bags that you can take to the beach with you. You might also want to try making checkbook covers and wallets out of preppy madras.

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