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Quilting Fabrics and Patterns provided by Quilting clubs make quilting a breeze

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If you’d like to start making quilts, but you’re not exactly sure what patterns that you should use or what quilting fabrics you should get, then you might want to look into joining a quilt club. Quilt clubs will supply you with the quilting fabrics and patterns that you need to make sure that the result is always perfect.

There are two types of quilt clubs. One type sends you a whole quilt kit at a time; others send you a few pieces of quilting fabric a month so that you can assemble the quilt over time. If you feel that you’d like to learn more about quilting, but you think that you don’t have enough time, then you might want to try the clubs that send you a few pieces of quilting fabric a month. Since you’ll be working one piece at a time, this is great for people who want to learn how to quilt but haven’t done so yet because they think that they don’t have enough time. As the months progress, you’ll see your quilt taking form.
The sense of satisfaction that you get may even inspire you to try making some of your own designs. If you’re already an experienced quilter, don’t think that having quilting fabrics sent to you is below your skill level. There’s always room to learn more about what patterns can be achieved with quilting fabrics. Look for a club that you feel produces interesting patterns and uses quality quilting fabrics and soon you’ll be adding even more quilts to your collection.

There are lots of quilt clubs that you can join. The fees and length of the membership vary from club to club. Debbie’s Shangri-la Garden Block of the Month will send you patterns and quilting fabrics from October 2007 to April 2008. Each month from October to March, you will receive the pattern and quilting fabrics to make one pieced block and one appliqué block. In April the club will send you the pattern and quilting fabrics for the center medallion, border, and binding of the quilt. By putting in just a little time a month, you’ll have a full quilt in no time. What better way could you spend the cold winter months than beginning a new quilt?

If you’re more interested in getting the whole quilt kit at one time, then you have plenty options to do that also. The Spots and Dots quilt kit comes with the binding and quilting fabrics that you will need to make the top of your new quilt. You’ll need to supply your own backing for the quilt. Pick a quilting fabric that is soft and comfortable. When you’re done, you’ll have a quilt that’s 61” X 76” that you made with your own hands.

If you’re interested in learning how to quilt, or if you’re an experienced quilter but you don’t want to make your own designs, then quilt kits are the solution. Whether you want to join a quilt club that sends pieces at a time or whole kits at a time, you’ll be getting quality quilting fabrics that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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