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Dont let terry towels terrorise you.
This article will arm you with lots of  information needed to buy terry towels while getting you the best deal.

Firstly, towels are available mostly in Pakistan, India and China. Pakistan is the leading vendor, followed by India and then China.

Wherease,  Pakistan caters to the lower-end of the market selling mainly high-volume low-quality towels, India has emerged as the provider of choice when it comes to buying quality towels in good quantities and yet at good prices.

In India, cottons are available everywhere, and the best towels are made from cotton fabric, and so the best towels can be found in India.

Cotton towels are most absorbent and soft in their feel. They also are the healthiest fabric for use on the skin as cotton itself is a totally natural fibre, and has no harmful effects on the skin.

In India, towels can be bought of the shelf for cheap, and can also be made to order as per your colors, as per your required weight in GSM, with/without logos which can be printed/made in jacquard, and with any designs and fabric construction etc.

A high-quality towel will have thick, tightly woven loops to get the highest level of absorbency. The loops are what increase the  drying ability of the towels-the more loops, the better the drying ability of the towel. The thicker a towels loops, they will contain more yarn, and so these thick loops will dry the body better than thin loops made with less cotton.

Velour-finish towels, which are created by a shearing process that removes part of the terry and shortens the fabric pile. The shorter loops are slightly less absorbent, but this does not affect a towels performance as long as it is used to blot, rather than rub. Velour-finish towels lend a beautiful velvet-appearance and feel to the towel,but are less effective in drying ones body after a bath.

Towels in India are available in all sizes: Bath, Beach, Hand, Face, Kitchen size towels.
They are also available in all qualities, weights , colors, designs and for all uses such as in homes, hotels, spas, resorts, carwashes, kitchens and for beach use.

While buying terry towels in bulk from India, be sure to mention the following, in order to get complete and good quotes:

-Fabric such as 100% cotton

-Size in inches (LxB)

-Weight in GSM


-Target Price (If available)

-Yarn count and construction details

If any or all of the above data is not available with you, leave it to the vendor after mentioning the USE of the towels to him/her.

Most terry towels from India are available on custom-basis in huge quantities, but there are some vendors out there who work on smaller quantities and total customisation as well.

We ourselves provide all kinds of terry towels ranging in sizes from bath, beach, hand and face, to towels for all uses such as beach, spa, kitchen, carwash, wipes etc.
We also provide very beautiful exquisite towels with elegant embroideries and jacquards/prints catering to the collector at heart.

We are actually a complete fabric store where you can shop for terry towels in wholesale, & we offer in retail all craft fabric,sewing fabric and quilting fabric without minimums. In fabrics we also offer silk fabrics,cotton fabrics,patchwork fabrics,and all fashion fabrics.

In any case,drop us an email or CALL us in case its towels you need from India, and we will make sure what you get is the best at the best prices possible.
For a peek at some of the elegant designs on offer in towels, visit the following link:

Happy Rubbing, scrubbing and drying out.

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