Wool Patchwork fabric for winter sewing projects, such as wool shirts, dresses and skirts, wool coats & blazers and caps and hats.

The Perfect Wool Patchwork Fabric for Winter Sewing Leave a comment

This fabric is not just any winter fabric. It is the perfect blend of wool, tweed, corduroy, suede and herringbone fabrics for winter, all combined into one patchwork fabric, that is great for any winter sewing and craft projects.

For instance, this wool patchwork makes for lovely dresses and skirts, coats and blazers, hats and caps and winter shirts.
With a nice and thick weight to it, this fabric has triangular-shaped patches of different winter fabrics, that make it a unique find.
Though more suited to menswear, nothing stops this fabric from being a favorite for winter skirts and dresses too.
Get this fabric HERE, and sew up some warm winter goodies.

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