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A patchwork fabric made by sewing together twill madras fabrics squares







Patchwork madras Fabric comes with a twist when its time for winters, or cooler weather, or just simply for outdoor apparel, hunting apparel, or just rugged wear. And its known as Flannel patchwork madras, Flannel twill madras plaid.

Traditionally, patchwork madras fabric has always been a summer wear fabric, but the flannel patchwork plaid takes this summer staple, and turns it into the ideal fabric for colder days.

Flannel madras patchwork is basically made of woven plaid madras fabric, which has been woven into a twill weave (diagonal lines), finally brushed to lend it a pile, which gives it a soft wooly texture, hence appropriate for cooler weather, outdoor clothing, hunting apparel, western shirts, ranch wear, winter pants, sport coats, jackets and more.

Flannel patchwork madras is ideal for menswear, and can be used for classic button down shirts, jackets, handmade ties, bowties, pajamas, and nightwear.

Flannel patchwork madras fabric is also great for pet clothing, such as dog jackets, dog bandanas, dog shirts, dog beds, and accessories, due to its soft texture.

All in all, why let winters dampen the preppy and summery look, while the same can be achieved with Flannel patchwork madras.

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