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Madras plaid seersucker fabric is a great combination of the uber-preppy madras plaid, coupled with the summery streaks of seersucker. So, while madras add class to the fabric, the seersucker keeps it simple and casual.

Seersucker madras is one of the best summer preppy looks out there, and is best available in cotton.
Just like regular madras, seersucker madras also comes in mostly from India, and that’s where the authentic madras hails from.
On one of our fabric scouting trips, I was in the hot city of Chennai, formerly known as Madras, and we actually thought we would be seeing madras and seersucker fabrics, just about at every street corner, considering that the city is known as the name of the fabric itself.
But it turns out that Madras is hard to find in the city of Madras, and needs to be actually hunted down.
When we did get our hands on some of what the weavers were weaving, we found that seersucker madras is a bit harder to find that regular plain madras fabric.
Seersucker madras is a rare fabric to some extent, due to its texture which is crinkly, and its wrinkled look, which is suited to a few types of garments, and not to all, as such.
Seersucker madras is available in widths such as 44, 58 and 60 inches width.

The beauty of madras plaid seersucker, is that it blends the class of the plaids, with casual sportiness of seersucker, and that’s what makes it a great preppy choice.

madras plaid, seersucker plaid fabric, madras fabricSeersucker madras plaid fabric, made of cotton in seersucker texture


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